Legal formalities

The Law of Marriage in Goa treats a Marriage as a CIVIL CONTRACT, solemnized between two persons or different sex, with the purpose of legitimately constituting a family. Any boy who is 21 years of age or more and any girl who is 18 years of age or more, can enter into a marriage. A person who has previously married and the marriage is not dissolved, cannot marry again.


The parties will have to appear themselves or through their attorneys before the judge to get the order which allows them to get married in Goa. There have to be four witnesses for the, who know the parties marrying and who know that they are not married earlier. Then the parties appear before the Civil Registrar who in turn will affix a Public Notice on the office, inviting objections if any, before 2 Sundays pass. This is known as the EDITAL PERIOD.

In case the parties are leaving Goa before the completion of the Edital Period, they have to move an application before the Assistant Public Prosecutor seeking the Waiving of the Edital Period.


Marriages in Goa are compulsorily registerable. Only a civil registration of marriages in Goa is accepted as evidence of the marriage. The Civil Registration procedure require the following documents.


The first requirement is to obtain the birth certificate of both the parties. PARENTS NAME SHOULD BE CLEARLY MENTIONED ON THE BIRTH Certificates. You have to arrange these certificates.


This certificate is to be obtained from the Talathi of the taluka that you reside in that taluka. Both the parties must produce the Domicile certificates to facilitate the Registration of the Marriage. Our planner can assist you to these offices and can make this task a lot easier for you.


The following documents are required for the foreigners to get married in Goa:

  • Birth Certificates of both the parties with parents names clearly mentioned.
  • Individual affidavits stating that there exists no legal impediment whatsoever for the party to get married in Goa.
  • One month Residence certificate for both the parties.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Four witnesses.