Couple Name: Ivan & Jenny
Date: 30th Dec.2007
Address: Aldona

We Jenny & Ivan, would like to thank Zezit, the Wedding Planner, for organizing our wedding. We thank him and his team in a very special way for being the all round co-ordinator.  Everything was well organized.
Thank you,
                            Jenny & Ivan

Couple Name: Peter & Melanie
Date: 15th Dec.2007
Address: Siolim / U.K

Decor in the Church, Hall, was just perfect, more than what we expected. Zito you made our wedding day a memorable one.  Everything was perfect and excellent.
Thank you.
 Keep it up!

                                 Peter & Melanie
Couple Name: Oliver & Sonya
Date: 30th Dec.2007
Address: Aldona

A very big thank you, to Jezito and his team, for all the co-operation extended to us and our guests, to make this wedding a very memorable one.  The arrangement, food, service, décor, was excellent and thoroughly liked by all of us.
Thank you once again.
                                  Oliver & Sonya

Couple Name: Daniel & Janine
Date: 14th Feb.2007
Address: U.K

On this Valentine’s Day, we cannot forget your Beach setup.  It was superb.  The Vintage Car, Photography, Videography, and Fireworks were excellent.  You deserve to be a successful brilliant Wedding Planner.
       Thank you.
                                        Daniel & Janine

Couple Name: Mojo & Hazel
Date: 23rd & 24th Feb 2007
Address: Dubai

A very big thank you to Goa Wedding Planner and his team boys, especially Jezit, for all the co-operation extended to us and our guests who came from all around the World.  Everyone was very happy.  The Beach Gazebo on both the days was excellent.  Food and service was good.  Thank you very much Jezit.    

                                  Love, Mojo & Hazel

Couple Name: Neal & Cynthia
Date: 1st May 2007
Address: Sanquelim

It was an excellent evening which we will remember forever.  The Wedding Cars, Church Décor, Hall, full setup was amazing.  All our 1500 guests were very happy for your tasty Goan food. Keep it up boys!  I have yet another brother to get married.
   Thanking you.
                                Neal & Cynthia

Couple Name: Leroy & Andrea
Date: 26th Jan 2008
Address: Sangolda Goa.

We Leroy & Andrea want to thank Jezito (Goa Wedding Planner) for doing our wedding receiption fabulous.  The Church, Hall décor was elegant.  You will be always remembered in our hearts.  Thank you Jezito and your team.
                                        Leroy & Andrea.